Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer

At Bristol Fire Engineering, a trusted fire extinguisher manufacturer in the UAE, our commitment to fire safety is evident in our diverse range of fire extinguishers, including UL listed mobile and automatic fire extinguishers, designed to meet specific protection needs. Portable fire extinguishers, essential for early response in homes and public spaces, come in various classes tailored to combat specific fire types, utilizing agents like water, dry chemical powders, foam, or CO2. Mobile fire extinguishers, with enhanced capacity and mobility, cater to larger spaces such as warehouses and construction sites, ensuring extended firefighting efforts. Our automatic fire extinguishers are strategically designed for automated control, triggered by elements like heat, smoke detectors, or flame sensors, critical for swift fire control in enclosed or unattended spaces. Bristol Fire Engineering provides a comprehensive selection of extinguisher types, sizes, and agents, emphasizing the importance of correct selection, proper installation, regular maintenance, and user training for effective fire protection and safety compliance across diverse industries and settings.



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