Honeycomb Core


Door is capable of bearing Up to 4 hours.

Door shall be a minimum of 44 mm thick.

As door infill, the rigid honeycomb structure is integrated with the door to form hundreds of small I- beams with the door, with a uniform thickness and flat surface that makes it easy to add lites, louvers or other features as Optional. It reinforces the full width and height of the door. Honeycomb Core Doors can be used in exterior or interior applications.

A door with a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating for closures) used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe egress from a building or structure.


  1. Fire Rated doors help facilitate the safe and quick evacuation of occupants
  2. Fire Rated doors help minimize damage to the property
  3. Fire Resistant doors prevent the loss of lives.
  4. Fire Rated doors Restrict and delay the spread of fire


As per below list.

Fire Ratings

Bristol Honeycomb Fire Doors have qualified for the following ratings

According to BS 476 part 22 standards Integrity up to 240 minutes.

ANSI/UL10C- Up to 120 minutes

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